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Working out While at Work

Everyone is busy. We live in the generation of the “Multi-Tasker”. If you’re not working out as much as you would like there are some way that you can multi-task working out while you are doing other things. For the most part everyone has a job. If you don’t have a job and you don’t workout you have some issues that need more attention that this blog can give you. For the rest of us who work and would like to workout more, working out while at work can be a great way to get your workout in for the day and to help your work day go by faster; while giving you more energy throughout the day.

The key to working out is doing it constantly. Going to work everyday is one thing that is pretty consistent in our lives. Add all of this together it only makes sense that we inquorate working out at work. Some progressive companies allow you to workout while at work or at lease provide a gym for employees to workout while on a lunch break or a specific workout break.

Why would employers allow employees to workout while on the clock or provide a gym on location? The answer is simple, happy healthy and fit employees make for better employees who are more productive when they are at work. Yes working out makes you a better employee. Also those people who regularly workout are less prone to get sick making the said employee at work more.

So if your looking to add a little fitness to your work day because your company doesn’t provide you a gym it’s more simple than you may think. Below I have listed a few simple things that you can do at work to help you burn more calories and get a workout in at work.

  • Replace your Chair with an Exercise Ball.

Did you know that sitting in your office chair is bad for your health? Yes that’s right sitting there right now you hurting your back, increasing your risk of obesity and heart disease. By replacing your expensive office chair with an exercise ball can do wonders for your back, shoulders, core and posture and all you have to do is sit on it instead of a regular office chair. Sitting on an exercise ball forces your body to work instead of just sit. This may take some getting use to obviously but you should feel a noticeable difference in the first few weeks.

  • The Treadmill Desk

While not everyone can just run out and buy a treadmill desk if you can you should really think about it. The treadmill desk is just that; a desk and a treadmill that allows you walk while you do your work. Now this will also take some getting use to but in the spirit of multi tasking this may take the cake. Walking for 30 minutes burns about 150. So if you walk all day at work you should burn over 2000 calories and walk about over 20 miles. Now some people may need to ease into this because it can be really hard on your body. However if you only walk half the day at work you will still see a huge difference. This much physical activity will really help your body. Take snacks to work to snack on throughout the day because you will be burning so many calories.


  • Pedal Exercisers

This is an old concept that is new the work place. If you can’t afford or if your company won’t allow you to bring in a treadmill desk you can put a pedal exercise machine under your desk. These are cheap machines that can fit nicely under your current desk or workstation. By pedaling while you are working you are getting a cardio workout while working. This is similar to riding a stationary bike at the gym. You might not think this is a difficult thing but you will soon see results by pedaling while you work.


  • Walk More 

If you don’t think a piece of exercise equipment at your desk is the right thing for you then you should maybe try walking around the office more. By sending your prints to other areas of your building such as a different floor or the other end of your office. Take a walk on your breaks or take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. In stead of having a huge water bottle try filling your mug a few more times a day. Little walks throughout the day will allow you to get more exercise than you think. Walk more!


  • Bathroom Squats 

Before you start laughing hear me out. The average person uses the bathroom 3 – 5 times a day. If you do 20 squats each time you go to the bathroom you will get your heart rate up and start to burn more calories thought out the day. While this maybe a little weird at first you can do it in private in a bathroom stall or wait till your alone in the bathroom.

While these exercise at work are not going to give  you the perfect body they will help you burn more calories in your day. This will start to show you some results and may be just the thing you need to get you motivated to hit the gym after you’re off work. Working out at work will also give you more energy and that may be the only thing you need to really start a regular workout routine. Good luck working out at work everyone!