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Walk It Out While You Work


We know many of you live very busy lives. Between work, kids, spouses, school, running a household; whatever it may be we know life can get very hectic. But we at don’t want you to use that as an excuse for not getting in your daily exercise.

As stated in this article here, “just 20 minutes a day [walking] can reduce your risks for heart attacks, breast cancer, dementia and so many more health problems.” The article went on to say that simple mild exercise proves to show tremendous health benefits.

According to this article from mild exercise is categorized as generally anything low impact on joints and a relatively undemanding pace. So an example of this would simple be walking, either a leisurely or brisk pace, simple as that. Doing this 20 minutes a day will improve your health.

So all those who say they are just way to busy, don’t even have 20 minutes a day, I’m going to have to call this a bluff. I think every person could find 20 minutes in their day to simply walk!

Well here is a great treadmill to help you out even further. It’s the LifeSpan TR1200 –DT Treadmill Desk. Pretty self-explanatory, a treadmill with a desk! Those of you who work nonstop and those who are going to school while working would benefit most from this.

The treadmill desk allows you to have a desk right in front of you at ease while you walk. This allows you to study your homework or look through those work files all while getting a brisk walk in. Or simple set your laptop up there and search the web or your catch up on all your social media while you walk. Makes getting those 20 minute walks in that much easier!

Check it out, we are sure you will not be disappointed!

Has anyone heard of this? Or better yet tried the treadmill desk?

Let us know your thoughts!!!



Written By: Jentry