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Exercise at Work

Exercising at work can be one of the best ways to stick it to the man. If you are getting paid by the hour, you can get your workouts in while you are at work and get some work in on the side.


OK, even if you are striving to be a good employee, you can still exercise while you are at work. You might even be able to boost your productivity– you little workaholic, you—if you will take some time to get out from behind your computer and exercise once in a while.


The type of work that you have will naturally change the types of exercise that you will be able to accomplish while you are working. If you have a job where you are required to interact with other people you won’t want to have them walk in to your cubicle to find you doing pushups in your undershirt.


Here are several exercises that you can try out if you have a more conservative job atmosphere that you need to  observe. Stretches are a great way to keep your blood flowing while you are at work.


Most people will lift up their arms and stretch their shoulders one in a while, but if you actually get out of your chair and do some butterflies or reach for your toes, you will instantly get that rush of energy that you always felt in gym class when you were being chased by the 6th graders.


If that doesn’t do it for you, try doing pushups with your feet on the toilet next time you take a break.