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Fun Things to do While on the Treadmill

When you are working out at home there are a number of different things you can do to keep your self entertained while still getting a great workout. Running on a treadmill has a lot of benefits and can be safer than running outside of some individuals who may live in areas where they can’t run outside. Others just love the convenience of running in the privacy of their own home. Whatever the reason for running inside on a treadmill one thing is the same; you can get a little bored. Funtivities are things that you do that are fun and also active. These are great ways to lose a few extra pounds and burn a few extra calories. Most people don’t think of running inside on a treadmill as a funtivity. However I a sure you that running inside can be entertaining, exciting and productive. This is why I have compiled a list of fun things to do when running on a treadmill. Along with the great people at we have searched far and wide of an interesting time on a treadmill. Check out this list and let me know what you think on Twitter. – @FunFitnessFrank

1. Listen to Music

While you can listen to music anytime you run you can’t do so with out headphones unless you are at your own house and you can turn your radio, mp3 player or other device on and jam out. Listening to music while running is one of the most common ways to entertain ourselves while running. By adding a radio instead of headphone to your workout you can improve your range of motion and make your workout more fun. Next time you are home and want to get a great run in turn up the radio really loud and get running. This can also help with stress plus this twist on listening to music while you run can break up some of those boring mid-week runs.

2. Watch TV, Movies or Netflicks

With Netflicks and TVO these days we can watch anything we want any time we want. Waiting to watch your favorite TV program while running can help you multitask and help you be more active when you are not running because you won’t just be sitting around watching TV. Try to TVo your favorite programs and watch them while you run. Also Netflicks has a lot of TV series that you can watch and get into that might help you be more motivated to run.

3. Books

Reading while running is a skill that not everyone has. If you walk or jog on a treadmill you can try to read a book or a magazine. If this doesn’t work for you buy a book a type and listen to the book when running. This is great for busy students or moms who can’t get in reading as much as they would like. Books on type are cheaper than normal books and buying them online with your tablet or other device can save you even more money. Give running and reading or listening a try.

4. Competition

Some of the best ways to be motivated and push yourself is by competing with someone else. While it may be difficult for some of us find a running partner is one of the best ways to get in a better workout. Buying an extra treadmill and putting it in the same room as your other one and competing with your friends or partner is a great way to get two workouts in at once. If you can’t afford to buy a new treadmill take turns on the one your have.

5. Sing out Loud

When you run you need something to take your mind off running. Some of us can do this with little or no effort, while others really need something to distract them from the boring running they are doing. Next time you are alone at home running on your treadmill try belting out some of your favorite song lyrics. While this may sound funny to some singing while running can keep your mind off the work and help you have fun when you run!