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Find A “Workout Partner”

With the health problems that are coming from lack of exercise in America, one thing is clear; We need to be working out and eating health. In an election year we hear a lot of propaganda about health care. The interesting thing is that these people who are deciding weather we get or don’t get certain heath care are people who don’t look like they are taking care of their bodies in the first place. Finding safe and healthy ways to lose weight is key to long term health.

Taking your heath care into your own hands is a great way to prepare yourself for no matter what happens with the politics in this country. The good news is no matter what age you are you can start improving your health by exercising and eating more healthy. Daily exercise has a number of positive health benefits that I could go on and on about. Even when listing to all of the benefits of exercising and the consequences for not, some people still seem to not get the hint. One of the most common excuses I seem to hear is that they don’t like working out alone.

This is a common problem that everyone goes through. Going to the gym can be very intimidating. Some people buy a treadmill or other in-home workout equipment to avoid the gym. The problem is most people hide these in a closet or turn the treadmill into a clothes line. You didn’t buy a treadmill to hang your laundry on it on  to hide it somewhere in your home.

So how are you going to get motivated to bust out the treadmill or start running in the mornings again? The answer is simple; “YOU MUST FIND A WORKOUT PARTNER”. Finding a workout partner is more simple than you might think. The good news is that everyone needs to be exercising each day. No one should totally avoid working out. If you are married or dating your don’t have to look far for your workout partner.

The best workout partner you can find has to be your spouse or significant other. This person is with you all the time and can be your biggest supporter and should know how to critique you without attacking you. Working out together can also build a relationship up and make it stronger than it was. One of the leading causes of divorces and breakups is two people growing apart do to gaining weight or other health concerns.

This is no surprise that relationships are strained when health concerns arise. By working out together you can keep each other motivated and be someone you can rely on to help you with workouts at the gym. Working out can also lead to more healthy decisions in other aspects of your life. Eating healthier and eliminating certain things from your daily routine that are not healthy such as smoking, excess drinking or other unhealthy habits.

If you are single or your significant other refuses to be your workout partner you can turn to social networking or your local gym. Posting on a workout blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social network that you are looking for a workout partner can help you. While you might not get the other benefits from working out with a friend you can still have someone that will help you stay motivated and accountable.

The moral of the story is that you need to workout. Whatever gets you exercising each day is what you need to do. Some people post on social networks everyday about their workout while others invest in a personal trainer or start a blog. While a workout partner is a great way to stay motivated the real motivation is in you. FIND IT!