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20 minute Treadmill Workout

When you seem like you can’t fit in a workout remember one thing. The first time you skip a workout it only allows the next workout to be skipped that much easier. When you are in a pinch for time there are workout that you can do that don’t take that much time. A great 20 minute treadmill workout can be just the thing you need to keep you in the workout routine and help you stay in shape.

There are a lot of advantages to running inside even if its a short workout. Now working out only 20 minutes a day might not get you the super model or body builder results that you want but a 20 minute workout is better than not working out at all. By getting you heart rate elevated and lowering back down repeatedly can actually burn as many calories as you might burn when working out less intense. Try the following workout the next time you only have a short time period to work out. Remember to stretch before your workout to avoid running injuries.

20 minute Treadmill Workout

Time                Speed                   Incline  

1 min.                5.5 mph                     0%

1 min.                6.0 mph                    0%

1 min.                7.0 mph                    3%

1 min.                7.5 mph                    3%

2 min.                8.0 mph                   3%

1 min.                8.5 mph                   3%

1 min .               6.5 mph                   4%

1 min.                7.0 mph                  0%

1 min.                8.0 mph                 0%


Climbing Workout

Time                Speed                   Incline  

1 min.                3.5 mph                    9%

1 min.                4.0 mph                    11%

2 min.                4.5 mph                    13%

1 min.                6.0 mph                    3%

1 min.                5.5 mph                    6%

1 min.                5.5 mph                    3%

2 min.                4.0 mph                   13%

1 min.                4.0 mph                    10%

Following the resistance training on the treadmill. Try to keep moving with exercises such as squats and lunges. This will keep your heart rate up and allow you to continue to burn those unwanted calories. Comment below or Tweet me on Twitter to share other 20 minute workouts or to let me know how this one went for you. Remember working out only 20 minutes a day can be very effective and it is loads more effective than skipping a workout. Have fun working out and lose weight and get into the shape you deserve. Check out other treadmill workouts such as the HIT workout here.