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Advantages of Running Inside

Running can be fun. Yes I said it, running can be fun! You have to first figure out what kind of runner you are. Some people like to run inside while others prefer to run in the great outdoors. A lot goes into becoming a runner. You have to make sure you have the right shoes, the right shorts and shirt. A runner must have the correct headphones; the right music on their iPod, the list goes on and on. If you are new to running don’t let these things stop you from becoming the best runner you can be. No one has all of the right things that you will need to become a good runner.  You may enjoy running on a hard outside surface while your best friend loves running inside on her new treadmill. One of the first things you can decide is if you enjoy running outside or inside. There are benefits and disadvantages to both. Even though I own a treadmill I still love to run outside when it is nice outside. Sometimes I don’t have time to get a full run in outside so I plan a few small runs inside on my treadmill. No matter what anyone says there is no right or wrong way to become a runner. If you run you run and if you sit on your sofa all day you’re not running. So get up and see if you like running inside or outside more.

The advantages of running inside.

First and foremost running inside provides you with the best possible weather situation you could ask for. Some outside runners even have a treadmill just so they don’t miss a run when the weather is poor. Being comfortable while running is the key to staying with your running routine and not missing a workout. If you are too hot or too cold while running you probably will not enjoy it as much as if you we’re at a comfortable temperature inside. 

Running inside is a lot safer than running on a busy road or dark street. This is obviously a case by case situation but you should consider your safety to be the most important part of your run. Never go on a run without telling someone where you went and when you plan to return. Inside running prevents any chance of an accident with a car, person or animal. Running inside may still have a few dangers but considerably less than running outside.

Some runner are shy runner. This is the case with a lot of new runner. Running in front of people can be embarrassing for runner. To be a successful runner you must be confident in yourself. Sometime running inside your own home can help build that confidence. You should never be ashamed when running, you’re working hard to get into shape and anyone looking down on you or making fun of you for running is clearly not someone you want to associate with in the first place.

I love running and run around my neighborhood often, even though I love the trees, smells plants and the views I still get a little bored out there running. Running inside can provide you the opportunity to run while watching your favorite TV show or news station. Also when running inside you may be able to talk with a loved one or friend who is in the room with you. While you can listen to an iPod while running outside a lot of people enjoy running inside so they can get the visual stimulation of watching TV. Getting after run workouts like stretching and weights are also done inside and this is another great reason to run inside.

Overall running inside has a lot of advantages. You will mostly have to buy a treadmill if you run inside. There are a lot of things that go into a good treadmill. Check out a previous blog on Tips for Choosing the Right Treadmill here. There is no right and wrong way to run. I can’t stress this enough, if you are running you are getting more healthy. The first step is to start working out. Running on a treadmill inside is the best way to run for some people however it’s not the only way. See what kind of runner you are and get in shape today. Let me know if you are an inside runner or an outside runner on Twitter. Tweet me @FunFitnessFrank