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Use your Treadmill when it’s Unplugged.

Everyone loves running on their treadmill. It’s safe, always the perfect temperature and you can read or watch TV while working out. Treadmills allow you to speed up and slow down your run at any point with the touch of a button. Simulating mountain runs and having a personal trainer are just a few of the new options treadmills have, it seems like the benefits of using a treadmill go on and on. One workout that I have recently noticed has been getting more attention is, running on a treadmill when it’s off.

This is called treadmill pushing. Basically instead of the motor of the treadmill pushing the treadmill belt, your legs do all of the work. Just lean of the front handle bars of your treadmill. This will help your legs push the treadmill belt and allow long strides to get the belt moving. Remember this is done while the treadmill is off. Don’t worry you wont hurt your treadmill, the belt is intended to move and by doing it with your legs and not the motor your only helping your treadmill get a longer life. If you do break your treadmill by using it when it’s off it’s probably time to buy a new treadmill.

“I always loved running…it was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs.”
– Jesse Owens

Treadmill pushing simulates “real running” and can build strength in your legs. Start by slowly getting the belt going. When you have a good pace push harder and the treadmill belt with go faster. These sprints are going to help you raise your anaerobic threshold (A.T) levels and this will allow you to burn more calories while in other treadmill workouts. Slow down when you are tired and get your heart rate back down. A good sign of when you have went over A.T is when you can no longer hold a conversation because you are focusing on breathing more than talking.

Once you feel like you are over A.T slow your pace again. Remember that when the treadmill is off you control the speed so slowing down is going to be different but just as easy. Once your heart rate slows down repeat the process over a few times. By going slightly over A.T and then coming back down under A.T you train your bodies A.T levels to get higher. This allows your body to burn calories because oxygen can still get into the blood.  For more tips on A.T levels check out “How To Determine Anaerobic Threshold

Using your treadmill when it’s off will save energy, workout different muscles, mix up your workout routine and can even be more safe than using a treadmill when it’s on. This can help prevent injuries for new treadmill users and small children who want to run on the treadmill as well. Overall motors were put in treadmills for a reason, however using your treadmill when it is unplugged is a great way to use your treadmill. Try to use it when its off once and week and see if you see results after a few months of constant use.


Check out the video below and learn more on how to use your treadmill when it’s off.