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Apps that Help you Lose Weight: Part 1

Today it seems like everyone has a smart phone. If you don’t have an iPhone or at least a smart phone this post probably isn’t for you. However, for the 90% of people who do keep reading if you want to find the best apps that will help you lose weight.

When applications were invented they were first used for social networking, music, calculators, and other more simple things that everyone thought was so cool. Now we have applications that can good good or help improve your health. They have heart rate monitoring apps, weight control apps and even apps that help you lose weight.

There are so many apps out there now how do you know which one is right for you? Most of us read reviews if we are looking to make a big purchase on something like a treadmill or we spend hours in the app store to find those perfect apps. Well lucky here at Treadmill we have done the work for you. Check out these 5 fitness related applications that will help you lose weight.


  • Eat This Not That

This application based on the best selling book series, Eat This, Not That! This  iPhone app is a great weight loss solution. With this application you can track calories, find thousands of simple foods you can swap for a healthier option, allows you to create and set a weight loss plan, and find a healthier food at the grocery store. This app allows you to track your prgoress and to visually see how making a few food swaps can help you lose weight. The application also has a game option. A game to help you lose weight? It’s the “new thing” in apps, make everything a game and people will keep coming back to get more points and unlock more badges. This game shows you two similar products, and you guess which one is more nutritious and less fatty. By learning how to spot the less nutritious food you can train yourself to pick the more healthy option. The game is also surprisingly addictive. The best thing it does is to teach you the food tricks that can help you make better meals. If you play you will learn things; next time you go to a sandwich shop, order a grilled-chicken sub instead of tuna salad, and save yourself one thousand calories. Overall if you are looking to lose weight you have to get this application for your phone.



  • Fitocracy – The Fitness Social Network

    This application will get you addicted to fitness like your favorite video game, only you see the results or “level up in real life”. Fitocracy allows you to earn points for working out, unlock achievements for doing certain workouts, beat your friends in quests, and kick your laziness. Fitocracy claims to be the best fitness community on the planet according to their website. You can become the person you were meant to be by using your social network to help you get there. Fitocracy’s mission is to make fitness a more fun, more addictive experience. You can play Fitocracy to beat challenges, push your boundaries, and show your friends who’s boss. Get addicted to your fitness.

    I will continue to look for cool new application that will help you lose weight. Until then if you have an App that helps you lose weight please let me know on Twitter @FunFitnessFrank or leave a comment below. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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