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Your Top Reasons to Run!

Yesterday was National Running Day, how many of your participated?! Check out this article for a few tips and advice to help you get started in case you missed out yesterday, because it’s never to late to get started running!

Running on your treadmill is one of them best cardio burning exercises around! We all know running on your treadmill provides physical health benefits, and we’ve learned in a recent post running on your treadmill can make you smarter, but running has also been shown to prove mental benefits as well, as you can see more about here!

In case that alone doesn’t make you want to strap up those laces and jump on your treadmill…check out these Top 15 Reasons to Run found on

Reasons to Run


Running on the treadmill, as well as running outside all provide you with amazing benefits!

Hopefully these reasons helped give you the motivation to get RUNNING!

Written By: Jentry