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Want To Upgrade Your Insanity Workout? Try a Treadmill

Here at we know the importance of adding other workout regimens to your treadmill runs. Switching up your routine  and adding muscle confusion is the best way to stimulate fat loss and muscle development, while also helping to avoid hitting that plateau. Upping your intensity from time to time is going to help continue to give you results. We have a guest author today who is going to help you do just that by incorporating treadmill runs into other workout routines!

Although it might sound crazy for people who are just beginning their Insanity workout program, there are some athletes out there who actually want to upgrade this program once they’re through with the nine weeks of intense working out that Shaun T puts them through and make it even more intense. Of course, making it more intense and adding even more intensity to this already super intense workout will maximize the results too.

If you are one of those out there who want to kick your Insanity workout up a notch one excellent choice that you have is combining Insanity with the use of a treadmill. There are many people that simply add some treadmill use either jogging, walking, or running at the end of each Insanity workout video, and this is not necessarily a bad thing.

One of the many pros of the Insanity program is how much you can accomplish with so little time actually working out. If you really don’t want to or your schedule doesn’t allow for you to add twenty to thirty minutes to your workout the best choice for you is to modify how you do the workouts themselves.

First, a suggestion would be not to go straight from week nine of the Insanity program to week one of the second round of it. Rather than this, do a recovery week after you finish week nine, just as you do between month one and month two of the program. This will give you some time to recover and get ready for this upgraded version of the program.

After this recovery week, the concept is really simple. Insanity uses a lot of jogging in your place and variations of this such as butt kicks or high knees running. Whenever Shaun T says it’s time for any exercise that involves running or jogging in your place, quickly get into the treadmill and control the speed and inclination according to your needs.

Of course by now you pretty much have an idea (or some people even memorize) the Insanity workouts, because they are repeated throughout the nine weeks of the program. There are many of these exercises in the program and the chances for you to make the workouts more intense are there for you to take them. This is making an already intense workout even more intense, but if that’s what you’re looking for, a treadmill is the way to go.