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Uncover Your Six-Pack with the Treadmill

Six-Pack AbsSo you are looking to get those six-pack abs and think running on the treadmill is going to do nothing for you right?! Wrong! Forget the misconception that doing an endless amount of crunches every night is going to help you carve flat abs. In fact, get up off the floor; we have a new game plan for you!

Many people believe treadmills can only supply a light calorie burning workout and will have no real effect on building muscle or sculpting abs. They end up avoiding the treadmill instead and focus purely on strength training waiting for those abs to peak through. Fortunately for our readers who own or are about to own a treadmill, this machine can actually help you find that six-pack you know is hiding under there somewhere.

We want our readers to receive not only great deals on treadmills, but great information in order to receive the most from their treadmill purchases, even long after the purchase has been made. So if you learn how to utilize your treadmill workout you can not only receive a great cardio workout, but it can also help aid you in achieving those flat abs you desire. So here are a few treadmill workout tips to flatten your abs:

Up The Intensity

Up the IntensityMany people believe a treadmill can have no real effect on building muscle and sculpting abs due to the fact you are simply doing cardio, no muscle building strength training moves. While you can find ways to add strength moves to your treadmill routine, it is the cardio in treadmill workouts that help you burn off the fat, including the fat around your midsection that may be hiding those flat abs underneath.

Understanding the importance of cardio is crucial to any fitness regimen, including those looking to purely build muscle alone. You need to burn the calories and fat that naturally covers the muscle in order to show off your six-pack abs hiding below. Upping your intensity is going to increase the calorie burn and help speed up the fat burning ability.

Add Intervals

Unless you’ve been living under a fitness rock, I’m sure you’ve heard all about High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short. The ability to perform HIIT on a treadmill is one of the many benefits of exercising on a treadmill one can receive. HIIT includes bursts of high intensity intervals for about 30 to 60 seconds followed by lower intensity for the same or longer duration.

Personal trainer David Grisaffi mentioned in a LiveStrong article titled Does Walking on a Treadmill Burn Belly Fat “more fat and calories are burned in a shorter time with intervals.” So as you can see this goes right along with upping the intensity, the higher the fat burn the higher the chance those abs can shine through. Try this 45-Minute Treadmill Interval Workout to Fight Belly Fat from FitSugar.

Maintain Posture

According to Flat Abs Made Easy when on the treadmill “keep your back straight, head forward and abs tight. Perfect posture will target your tummy as you sizzle calories.” You are going to recruit more muscles working to maintain your posture, including your abdominal muscles. So keeping a perfect posture during your treadmill workout can also help strengthen and build your core muscles.

Add Incline

Add Incline to Your TreadmillJust as when you walk or run uphill you can feel a burn in your lower stomach as you are forced to bring your knees higher toward your chest with each step. Walking or running on an incline is going to target those specific lower stomach muscles and can also help to up your calorie burn. According to the previously mentioned LiveStrong article, “adjust your treadmills incline level and you can burn triple the number of calories and melt away body fat.” This one will have a double wammy as it burns more calories to uncover those abs while also helping to build those lower abdominal muscles with each step.


Use these tips next time you’re on your treadmill combined with core exercises and you’ll start seeing that six-pack in no time.