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Tracy Anderson Treadmill Training

Tracy Anderson is a trainer to the stars. She has famous clients like  Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, Courteney Cox, Shakira, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ashley Greene, and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. She specializes in more of a female work out to get long lean muscles the kind of results that women seek. This being said she doesn’t believe in just running on a treadmill. Tracy says that running on a treadmill over and over builds bulk and her clients don’t want to add size. So she has came up with moves on a treadmill to still get a great workout in and have a little fun while getting lose long lean results females like. Below I have listed some of Tracy’s moves she has her celebrity clients do on the treadmill. If you would like to see more check out the video listed below.

When you try these moves make sure to have the treadmill speed low at first. Once you feel comfortable with the moves you can increase the speed. Remember this is a treadmill challenge. Warning some of these moves are difficult and should be done with someone else near by in case you fall or hurt yourself. Never workout alone. Each of the following moves should be done for about 30 seconds before moving onto the next move.

Tracy Anderson Treadmill Moves

The Push up Leap

This move is done at the begging of your Tracy Anderson treadmill workout to connect the muscles of the body. Single skip once the double skip twice and repeat.

Skipping Motion

This is done by skipping like you were 7 years old again.

Side Stepping

This move is really good for toning the legs for females. Turn 90 degrees on the treadmill and move your legs sideways. Once you have done it facing right turn and face left and continue side stepping * Note that low speeds on this move are very important until you become more comfortable with this more advanced move. Check out this YouTube Video to help you learn how to side step.


Tracy Anderson has a lot of other exercise tips that are all great for training on the treadmill. Check out here official Tracy Anderson Website here. Thanks for checking out TreadmilCoupons.Com Blog. Check out a similar blog: Dumbbells on the Treadmill. Have a great weekend everyone. See you on Monday!