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The Best Way to Walk a Dog

Have you ever gotten home from school or work feeling completely exhausted, only to find that your dog is scratching at your legs begging to go outside?  Of course a good walk around the block would be very beneficial for both you and your dog’s healthy, but who wants to walk their dog around the block when you can walk him or her in the comfort of your own home?

If you have a treadmill, you can walk your dog while kicking back, watching TV or drinking a DP.  Your dog will love it, and hey, you won’t have clean up any embarrassing messes he leaves behind.  This will also give you extra time to do those things that you should be doing, like reading up on current world events and the stock market.  This added time will not only give your dog a boost but will also boost your own level of global awareness.  An hour a day of this and you will may even be qualified enough to make an uninformed and biased YouTube videos about how you are completely against the President pulling the troops out of the middle east, or express your sincere disgust for the international trade deficit the country has incurred from overbuying from foreign manufacturers.

Walking your dog on a treadmill could change your life, and you could change the world.  However, what will most likely happen is you will develop a sedentary lifestyle, gain weight, and die of a stroke.  So what are you waiting for?  Fire up that treadmill and getting (your dog) walking!

Your high blood pressure awaits you!