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The Best Things in Life Require Sacrifice

So lately I’ve really been thinking a lot about how much the media and pop culture focuses on having things right away, and with very little effort.  One of the popular adages that people tend to go by is that “the best things in life are free.”  I’m not sure if I agree with this.  They argue that things such as a smile or a walk through the peaceful country side cost little or no money.  However, if you really think about it, these things don’t come without some kind of personal cost.  People don’t usually smile, or laugh, unless they are feeling some kind of feeling of security, and what helps people to have a sense of security?  Chances are, you’ve gone through a lot to be able to obtain whatever amount of security you feel.  Well, what about a walk through a peaceful countryside?  How do you think the countryside became peaceful?  At least for America, we experience our freedoms because someone was willing to pay the price to fight for it.

I think the founding fathers understood this concept very well when they were contemplating the repercussions of the actions that they were about to take in breaking away from England.  The price that was paid for that was the blood of many good people.  It definitely wasn’t free.

So next time you think that the best things in life are free, remember, they may be free to you, but chances are someone had to pay for them.