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The Appropriate Workout for your Body Type

 Apple vs. Pear Body ShapesYou’re absolutely wrong if you think there’s nothing you can do to change your body shape. There are breakthrough workout techniques that can help you get the body shape you’ve always dreamed of having. Different workout routines target different body fat types in specific areas. We’re here to help you achieve the appropriate workout for the two main body types: the pear shape and the apple shape.

The Pear Shape Body Type

The pear shaped body type is characterized with full thighs, full hips and a full rear. The key to trimming down if you’re in this body type category is in knowing the body fat type you need to conquer. If you have a large bottom that means that you carry around a higher amount of subcutaneous fat, or fat just under your skin. Although this fat may not be as unhealthy as belly fat, it can be much harder to get rid of. This type of fat holds onto calories. It also has a lower amount of blood flow.

Appropriate Workout for Pear Shape Body Type

One of the best workouts for this body type is called “complexes.” Check out What Are Complex Workouts, And How Do I Perform Them? to learn more about complexes. In summary, these types of exercises consist of moves that sculpt your body. They should be done back to back for the best results. Two examples of complexes are rows and curtsy squats. They help to boost metabolism, thin out your body tissue, and reduce unsightly cellulite. Efficiency can be achieved by using a resistance band:

  1. Start with a curtsy.
  2. Using your hips, lean forward.
  3. Use your arms to create a rowing motion.
  4. Keeping good form, do as many curtsy squats as you can within 30 second intervals.
  5. Repeat this process 3 times.

The Apple Shape Body Type

The apple shaped body type is characterized by a thicker middle area. If this is you, you’re fighting against fat within the region around your abdominal area. This fat surrounds your vital organs, which makes it very unhealthy. This type off fat has been linked to cancer, heart disease and type 2 Diabetes. This body type usually has increased cortisol levels, which breaks down muscle and slows down the metabolism. That means, in essence, that it stores fat.

Appropriate Workout for Apple Shape Body Type

Treadmill WorkoutThe best workout for trimming down the mid-section involves interval training. Your workouts should include high-intensity movements in sudden bursts, alternated with movements of lower intensity. Exercise steppers, such as treadmills from, are perfect for this type of workout. For an example, check out this 20-minute Quick ‘n’ Sweaty Interval Treadmill Workout. They increase your metabolism, which helps you burn off belly fat. Here the process:

  1. Start by stepping up and stepping down for about five minutes at a moderate pace.
  2. Then, speed it up a bit for about 30-60 seconds until your heart rate increases.
  3. Return to your moderate pace.
  4. Repeat this process throughout your workout session.



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