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Strength Training Exercises for Runners

We know many of our readers are big time runners, as that is why you come to us to supply you with coupons on their running equipment. Now no matter what type of runner you are or how long you’ve been running, it’s pretty safe to say runners all share one common goal: to become a better runner.  Whether you run for the cardiovascular benefits, for weight loss, or training for an upcoming race, you are running in hopes of reaching a goal and in order to do this it is important you still incorporate other exercises into your workout regimen.

Toned RunnerAccording to an article from titled Why All Runners Should Strength Train “runners need to do more than just run. The benefits of strength training for runners are real – for both injury prevention and performance.” The article went on stating that an astonishing 66percent of runners become injured somehow annually. To avoid these running injuries Greatist suggested adding a few strength sessions every week, especially for those who put in a lot of miles or those more injury-prone.

Yet the trick is not to only add strength training, but that “using runner-specific strength exercises will increase structural fitness – the ability of your bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles to withstand the impact of running.” The key is to find the right exercises that counteract all the wear and tear your body experiences through aerobic running.

The Best Strength Training Exercises for Runners stated that “strength training is an important form of exercise for serious athletes and recreational exercisers alike, because not only does it help you build lean muscles that power your body through tough runs, but it also fires up your metabolism to help with weight-control and strengthens your bones. A solid strength training program can help runners achieve a more balanced musculature for greater power and a lower injury risk.”

They went on to share a few moves with explanations that every runner needs to be including in their strength-training program, be sure to check out their article for different variations of each exercise pertaining to your fitness level:


Squats are one of the most effective exercises that strengthen your entire lower body. They target your quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, hip flexors and glutes while also engaging your core. “When done properly, they can also help strengthen your knees and prevent knee pain and injury.”

Squat Move for Runners

Lateral Movements

Although runners usually only move in one direction, forward, “it’s important to train your body through other planes of movement, like backwards or sideways (laterally).” When running some muscles such as the abductors (outer thigh) and the adductors (inner thigh) often get neglected. Lateral moves help you train these muscles which in turn help increase your joint stability, improve your balance and prevent injury.

Lateral Lunges for Runners


Runners often focus on their lower body strength while neglecting their upper body, yet a strong upper body is still every bit as essential for overall fitness resulting in powerful runs. In one move you can strengthen your arms, chest, and shoulders, as well as your core. There are plenty of ways you can challenge yourself with different variations of pushups, which will also help keep you from getting bored.

Push Up Exercise for Runners


“As a runner, you are only as strong as your core is – your abs, obliques, lower back and hips.” The plank is going to target every one of these muscles and train your core. These core muscles are going to help you with your balance while supporting every step you take. “Strong abdominals and lower back muscles also help you run with better posture, which aids in breathing.”

Plank Exercise for Runners


These are only some of the key exercises runners should be including in their strength workouts. When doing any strength workouts as a runner you should be focusing on core strength along with lower and some upper moves as well. Strong muscles and joints are going to be less prone to strains, pulls and other injuries while also enhancing your running performance making your runs faster and stronger!