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Staying Motivated to Exercise

We’ve all been in this situation.  We make a plan to go to the gym at least 5 times a week.  We do good for a solid week, maybe even 2 weeks.  But after that… we lose interest, it’s too difficult and our motivation is gone.  This makes it even more aggravating since you paid all that money on a gym membership that you don’t think is going to get a lot of use.  Here are some tips that, if followed, will help you to stay motivated to exercise!

Set a Goal

Setting goals is a great way to stay motivated. Make sure you set a goal that is within your reach though, and expect yourself to reach that goal. Weight loss goals are very effective and have worked for many people. Set a goal for yourself to lose 15 lbs. that way you are expecting something out of yourself and are more likely to fulfill that. For information on how to set a good goal read: How to Stick to Your New Years Resolutions.

Schedule Workout Time

This a very effective motivation tool as well. Setting a specific time period in the day will increase the chances of you going to the gym regularly by a lot. Set aside all plans for at least an hour a day and stick to that time. Force yourself to complete this part of your day and you will be a regular gym-goer in no time!

Get a Buddy!

This is a great way to go to the gym regularly. Find one of your friends and make a commitment with them that the two of you will go to the gym like 5 times a week, for example. That way, you going isn’t your only concern; you made a commitment with your buddy and so you will feel obligated to go to the gym with them.

Losing your motivation is so easy and gaining it back seems extremely difficult, but it’s pretty simple. You just have to trick your brain! You just want to change your mind-set to that of someone who is constantly exercising, an athlete. Getting home fitness equipment makes regular exercise so much easier since your equipment is right there if you ever get bored!

Jordan works and goes to school full time. He enjoys the outdoors, healthy living, music, and just about all sports and loves blogging about all of them. Follow him on Twitter at, and you can also find him on Google+.