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Realistic Fitness Goals with Extreme Results

Make a goal for yourself, this is the very first thing you will want to do. But don’t do anything crazy like say you are going to lose four pounds a day because the only way you can do that is if you develop an eating disorder, and those are not healthy. Four pounds in a month is, however, a more realistic goal and in a year that could be a total of nearly fifty pounds. Losing one pound a week with proper exercise and nutrition is actually going to be very easy. If you can keep it consistent for an entire year you can lose 50 pounds, supposing you even have that much to lose. Most people are probably in the 5-20 pound overweight range, which means most people could work for one to five months and achieve optimal weight.

Most young people around the age of 20 to 25 are going to maintain a healthy weight without much effort and losing weight will be easy for them. As soon as you hit the 30 year old mark though everything changes, the body actually undergoes some physiological change. Instead of developing, building and growing, now the body works to maintain. So it is very wise to work toward health while it is still easy for you.

Do not get discouraged if you are thirty or older though. It is still very plausible for you to lose weight and get a trim fit body, but it is going to take a bit more work and a few more tricks. With any routine you have to keep consistent, make a calendar to keep yourself on track. Exercise for thirty minutes three times a week and if you can do it more.

Exercise is anything that breaks routine. Walking from the parking garage to your place of employment doesn’t count as exercise. To actually make exercise effective you have to push yourself to limits you are not familiar with. Along with thirty minutes of exercise three times weekly you will need to make nutrition a habit.

Your body needs nutrition to rebuild the muscle tissues in the body. When performing workouts you are tearing about the different muscles, and without the different nutrients that come from healthy foods these muscles will not be able to repair themselves. The best thing to do is to make fitness a habit. At first it will be difficult to maintain the new routine you have set for yourself, but eventually the resistance will become comfortable part of every day.

Be careful to not get too comfortable with the workouts. If you are not actually pushing yourself then you will not be developing any muscle. Also, make sure you are doing the correct exercise for your body type.