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Little Rubber Fitness Bands

At first I was like “C’mon? Are you for real people?” Safe to say I was a skeptic –Notice the past tense, that is called foreshadow.  Ok, in truth I don’t know if that constitutes legitimate foreshadow. Anyway, you did notice the past tense right? — And I would say stuff like, “blah blah blah”, “so lame”, “I can’t believe anyone would fall for that garbage”.

Then Christmas came around.  It was nice to travel back to my home town and see my family, but there was a present under that tree I could have never expected in a million years.  I didn’t think there was even the slightest chance in all eternity, from the conception of our universe in the big bang to the inevitable destruction from black hole, I never thought I would see this.  Sure enough it was there staring at me from inside my stocking, a little rubber fitness band.

No, this is just some guy who wishes he was me.

Obviously I am super fit guy.  I mean you must assume this because I blog on  Because I am so fit, my family gives me fitness-type stuff.  You may be saying, “Wow wow wow guy, stretchy rubbery elastic wrist bands do not count as “fitness-type”. Two months ago I would have agreed with you, heck even two weeks ago I would have.

That stupid little rubber accessory sat in my closet for two months.  It was safely out of sight out of mind.  Just a few days ago though I was digging through my closet looking for some sort of beanie I could wear for my morning jog, and what do I find like an elastic slap to the face? Yup, a little “be strong” bracelet.  I do not know why I decided to put this dumb thing on rather than a beanie, but that is just the random and inexplicable way the crazy universe works.

Anyway I guess it started as something of an ironical joke, like haha look at me stereotypical buff guy wearing a “be strong” bracelet.   Throughout the day I will catch myself glancing at it and thinking I need to exercise more.  I feel more motivated lately, now I cannot say for sure if it is the bracelet motivating me or if it is just my obsessive desire to not get fat.