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Interval Fartlek Workout

At we know running on the treadmill is one of the best cardio workouts around, yet although as much as we do love our treadmills, we know the same old routine and treadmill run can not only get boring, but can stop giving you results. We know the importance of switching up your exercise routine.

Adding variety to your treadmill runs is a great way to avoid letting your body get used to a workout, as well as keep you from getting bored and help you to stick to your workouts! There are many ways you can do this, as stated in this article: add intervals, add incline, and of course by switching you the whole workout in itself.

There are many different treadmill routines one can do simply by adjusting the incline, speed, intervals, and time. Workouts like HIIT do just that as well!

Here is another type of treadmill workout I came across that I found interesting, fartlek treadmill workout. Fartlek is similar to HIIT in that it involves switching your pace throughout the run, alternating between fast and slow. The difference in fartlek is that the work-rest intervals are more unstructured and based on how your body feels, not specific times.I Fartlek when I run


I found a great fartlek treadmill workout online at, describing exactly What is Fartlet Training. It’s a great workout designed by Mike Simon, a NSCA-certified personal trainer and cross-country/track and field coach in Westchester County, N.Y.

The workout is designed to improve speed and endurance. “the distance and speeds are best for intermediate runners, but you can change the speeds based on your running level.” That is the great part about Fartlek, any level of runner can design the workout specifically for them.

So now the workout from their site:

Interval Fartlek Workout

Warm up: 5 minutes – walk/slow jog at 3.5 MPH, at a 7% incline.

One mile Run at 6.0 MPH.

Rest Set: Slow it down to 5.0 MPH and run for 3 minutes.

Work Set:  Speed up to 6.8 MPH for 30 seconds.

Rest Set:  Go back to 5.0 MPH for 3 minutes.

Rest/Work Set: Keep repeating the 3 minute/30 seconds intervals until the clock reaches 25 minutes.

One mile Run at 6.0 MPH for another mile.

Cool down: Slowly jog for 5 minutes at 3.5 MPH at a slight incline (5% to 7%).

Have you ever done a Fartlek training workout?! Try it out and let us know what you think. 




Written By: Jentry