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How to Stay Active on a Holiday Weekend.

For most of us it’s hard enough to find time to exercise during our day to day lives. If you add a holiday weekend in the mix, exercise is usually the first thing to go. It’s very important that you make time to exercise over the holidays. While you don’t necessarily have to practice your regular exercise routine over the holidays making time to exercise will relieve stress, help you burn those extra holiday calories, and give you more energy.

Staying active on holiday’s really comes down to one thing; Planning ahead. You must realize that a holiday weekend is going to throw your schedule out of “wack”. If you are a morning exerciser you may have to move a workout back to the night time or mid-day. If you don’t run till the night, you may want to get up a little earlier than normal to get your workout done before all the holiday festivities.

Once you have planned your holiday weekend workout you must Get Prepared. If you’re leaving town call ahead or check online for running trails in the area. If you happen to be staying in a hotel see if they have an in house gym or treadmills for guests. Some hotels that don’t have a gym may have a deal worked out with a local gym so ask just in case. If the weather allows you to run outside look for a local high school with a pubic track or a park with trail runs. If the weather doesn’t allow you to workout outside schedule 15 – 30 minutes to workout in your hotel run. You can get a great in-home workout without any weights.

Use every opportunity on your long weekend to fit in a workout.; Plan a Family Active Adventure. Hiking, swimming, a basketball game, gardening and other fun activities that get your heart rate up are great ways to get some cardio in for the whole family. Working out as a family in a fun way, is one of the best ways you can be active over a long weekend.

There are just a few ways you can help make your holiday weekend both fun and healthy. Burning a few extra calories over a weekend can help you stay on your fitness schedule and not set you back in your training. Don’t get down on yourself or give up if you miss a workout or two over the holidays. If you miss your workout add on 5 to 10 minutes to your next few workouts and stay on track. The trick is to be active everyday and if you do this missing a workout or two won’t be that big of a deal.

Thanks for checking out the If you want to buy a treadmill make sure to use one of our outstanding treadmill coupons. Check out a related blog: Start Running after a Break. I would love to hear how you stay active on holiday weekends. Enjoy your holiday weekend. Join the conversation on Twitter tweet me @FunFitnessFrank. Keep working hard everyone!