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How to Choose a Running Shoe For a Treadmill

At we know the importance of choosing the right running shoes for your runs is, especially when it comes to treadmill runs. So we not only want to make sure you have the perfect treadmill at a great price, but that you pair that treadmill with the perfect shoes to benefit your workouts even more. We have guest author Reece Groves today to give you tips on how to find that perfect pair for your treadmill runs:

How to Choose a Running Shoe For a Treadmill

I never knew how much was involved in choosing a running shoe, and what benefits it would have in choosing the perfect one for my running style, until I went into my local running shop specialist who hooked me up with new Mizuno running shoes. They were the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, and I had to part with 72 English pounds. Yet after having a look around it actually isn’t too bad, not too much and not too little, it was about middle of the range. I was happy.

How Did I Choose That Running Shoe?

The best way in telling what running style you have and therefore what running shoe you require is by taking a gait analysis test, which is normally done on a treadmill.

A gait analysis test is done by a professional and sometimes they will stand behind you as you run to notice the type of running style you have or in more sophisticated settings there might be a video recorder set up behind the treadmill as you run, which allows for playback, and a more accurate measuring.

What is a Gait Analyser Looking For?

More specifically a gait analysis test watches for something called pronation. Pronation is the feet’s natural shock absorber when it hits the ground.

There are different types of pronating, they include:

Pronation – This is where the feet land evenly and have a neutral rolling motion as to level the foot with the flat surface.

Over Pronation – This is excessive rolling. Take your old shoes and place them on a level surface. If they lean inwards slightly then you over pronate and need support or stability running shoes.

Under Pronation – This is when your feet do not roll enough. If you under pronate your shoes placed on an even surface will lean outwards slightly. If this is the case then it is recommended that you opt for cushioning shoes.

How Do You Choose A Running Shoe For Use On A Treadmill?

Now you know if you over, under or are neutral in pronation, then you need to take a look at other aspects such as:

If you plan to only use your running shoes on hard surfaces like a road or treadmill then a sensible option would be to look for shoes that are light, flexible, cushioned and have a less pronounced tread. Vice versa for trail running shoes where you want lots of rubber and tread on the underside of the shoe.

Make sure there is a thumbnail’s gap between your big toe and the end of the shoe to take into account natural foot swelling and for running down hills.

That is it; the most important factors when knowing how to choose a running shoe. Also remember when investing in quality foot wear that they last for 500 miles approx. (or 4 months) before it is recommended to replace them but this is all down to how active you are, and I hope in your case you are very active!

Thanks for reading! My name is Reece Groves and if you enjoyed this post then check out my Reveal The Steel review, which is the latest fitness program to come out. If you would like to hear more of what I have to say regarding fitness, visit Training Products Reviewed.