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Ground Hog Day Deal

Turns out NordicTrack has got some fantastic deals going on specifically for ground hog day.  The new NordicTrack commercial 2150 has been dropped from a reasonable 3 thousand to a ridiculous 17 hundred, and it is all thanks to Punxsutawny Phil (sorry punx if i got your name wrong).  This commercial 2150 has some really neat features like Wi-Fi capabilities, Facebook capabilities, and GPS track simulation capabilities.  Meaning as your incline is modeled after the incline of a real trail that you are running virtually by way of the neat touch screen monitor on this treadmill you can simultaneously update your Facebook status to inform your friends.

I guess mister Phil saw his shadow so we are going to have a good amount of summer this year, but in case if he didn’t this treadmill would have totally allowed you to hike on outdoor trails without ever living your house.  Of course it would have to be virtual walking, but that is better anyway just because you can watch your television and Facebook while you do it.  Real life trail walking doesn’t allow that, it simply is not permissible.

So in conclusion, Phil, you’re great and you deserve a treadmill.  Also check out the great Groundhog day deals.