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Great Post Workout Protein Foods

We have all seen the food pyramid even if it has changed in the past few years. Yes it’s changed and you should definitely check it out.  What hasn’t changed however is the need for a healthy breakfast and three healthy meals a day.

Mix in a few healthy snacks throughout your day and you have successfully eaten healthy for the day. You just have to leave out all the sweets, coffees, soda’s and other junk food we all like so much. What are all of those super foods people talk about?  With all of the food documentaries telling us how everything is bad for us what can we eat these days? I’m sure we have all had these questions.

Well one thing has remained the same eating proteins after a workout with help your body recovers faster, build more muscle and increase your strength. The secret is the amino acids or the tiny parts of the protein, which act as a building block for muscle. This is key to become a healthy regular exerciser.

When we workout or even run on a treadmill we breakdown our bodies muscles. Imagine little tears in our body’s tissues that when they repair themselves they get a little stronger. Overtime this is how you build muscles by breaking them down and building them backup. This is a great way to think about how your body is working when you are working it out. The protein is used to just preform this process faster.

Most people just pound a protein shake before and after a workout and call it good. However there are better ways to get the protein your bodies need before and after your workout. In this blog we have concentrated more on post workout foods that will allow you to rebuild these muscles faster without all the protein shakes and other supplements that are all very expensive. Below we have compiled a great list of food that you can eat after your workouts. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Great Post Workout Foods 

1. Cheese 

2. Large Beans

3. Lean Beef

4. Pumpkin Seeds

5. Lean Chicken

6. Fish

7. Lobster

8. Soy Beans

9. Peannut Butter

10. Fat Free Cottage Cheese