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Get Ready for Running in Fall

It might not feel like it now but fall is right around the corner. Most people enjoy running outside when the weather is nice but what will you do when the weather gets colder in a few weeks. The answer for some people is to buy a treadmill, get a gym pass to run inside or keep running outside in the cold. If you live in a warm climate fall might be the best time to run outside.

In most parts of the country the weather dips between 35-55 degrees during the fall. At the high end of this temperature spectrum you might feel great outside, however if you get the lower end of the spectrum running outside in cold weather could have side effects making your run hazardous to your health if you don’t prepare your self for the run before hand. Check out some of the tips below.

1. You don’t need as many layers as you think you will. 
I think a great rule to “run by” is shorts and a athletic shirt until the temps dip below 45 degrees. From 45 degrees to the freezing mark throwing on a long sleeve works best for me. When the temps get below freezing putting on a long sleeve thermal with a jacket over and gloves. Also an extra pair of gloves will keep your hands warm during your run. When running in cold weather you want to start off running a little chili. Your body is going to warm up significantly so don’t wear to many layers when you are running because during your run you will want to start taking them off and then have no where to put them.

2. Dealing with “Lung Burn” Don’t worry; it will go away. 
If you are a new runner to the cold you will soon find out that when it’s cold it’s more difficult to breath outside. It might feel like you can’t take a full breath when the temps get cold but don’t worry it only takes a few runs outside and your respiratory system will adept quickly and you will breath easy after three or four runs. Don’t give up on running outside because you have lung burn after your first or second cold weather run. Stick with it; keep running.

3. Gloves are really important.

When you are running in the cold you are going to lose a lot of body heat. Wearing gloves keeps your hands warm and prevents frostbite that some long runs could have the potential of giving you. While your body heats up a lot your hands are exposed if you don’t wear gloves. Since the rest of your body is warming up you might not notice your hands getting cold. Throw some gloves on so you don’t get too cold.

4. Keep drinking water.  
Everyone knows you have to drink lots of water during the summer. But don’t sleep on drinking water in the winter. When you are running you sweat and need water to re-hydrate  yourself. Drink water before and after your run and mix in a sports drink when you can. Keep your body healthy.

While not a lot changes you need to keep these few things in mind. You should keep running throughout all of the seasons. If the weather is just to bad for you to run outside really consider buying a treadmill. There is nothing better than running inside on your treadmill in the privacy of your own home. What is your favorite season to run? Tweet me on Twitter @FunFitnessFrank or check out a related blog:

Check out this map and see when fall starts in your area.