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Fitness will Keep you Looking Young

This just in we’re all going to get old. No one wants to get old but every year we add another number to our age. Once you have turned 13 your a teen, 16 you can drive, 18 you can vote, 21 you can drink and 22 you start realizing you don’t have a lot of birthday to look forward too.

You will soon realize that your not as old today as you will be tomorrow.  No one wants to feel or look old just look at the sell of skin creams, makeup and botox. Did you know that you can achieve looking younger without any of these procedures by eating right and exercising. How does this keep you looking young? Here are a few ways:

No Winkles

You don’t need those skin creams face lifts or even botox to get great looking skin. In short you need to eat right, exercise, and drinking plenty of water – all of these activities have positive effects on your skin. Eating a nutritious diet high in vitamin C  and Omega 3 fatty acids can prevent wrinkles. Exercise improves circulation to your skin making it more healthy. Drinking water flushes out toxins and improves your skin’s appearance by hydrating it.

Fat Makes You Look Old

Adding weight to your body makes you look older. Stay tone and keeping your body healthy and fit will give you the physical appearance of someone much younger. This will also help prevent diseases also keeping you alive longer which is always a plus.

Stay in Shape

Keeping your body in shape, flexible, and energizing it with nutritious food enables you to keep up with physical activities that you might otherwise have to give up as you age. Play sports, go out dancing, chase your children and grandchildren well into your later years. Try running on a treadmill or mixing in some cardio if you are having some weight issues.

Healthy Bones

Women over the age of 50, we are more likely to develop osteoporosis as our bones deteriorate. Strength training prevents and even reverses this deterioration by stimulating bone growth and improving bone density. Our diet also affects our bone health, as bones are made almost entirely of calcium and phosphorus

Better Posture

We have all seen old people who are hunched over. This is because a reduction in overall muscle mass, core strength, and bone density often lead to a slumped over posture. This can cause balance issues and stiffness/pain. Strength training, specifically core exercises, will keep your posture in good form so you can stand straight and tall into your golden years.

Healthy Hair

Eating a sufficient amount of protein in your diet, one that is rich in Vitamin B, will slow the aging process of your hair, which can become thinner, finer, and have more breakage as we get older.

Keep your Sex Drive

It has been proven that people who have regular sex are more healthy and happy than those who don’t. As males age, we produce less and less testosterone, which is responsible for much of our libido. Working out produces testosterone keeping your sex drive alive.

Lowered Risk of Disease

A healthy diet and exercise will lower your risk of diseases. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even some types of cancer all come with age. If you stay fit you can curb your chances of getting these diseases. Also if you do get sick, a person in good shape has a better chance of beating the illness than a person who is not in shape.

Everyone gets old, if you are starting to get old embrace your age. Set goals and stay motivated with your fitness and nutrition and you will start to notice that you start to look younger.