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Exercising like an Animal

When you hear about exercising like an animal the first thing to pop into your brain is likely a buff guy running nonstop while dragging a truck tire attached to his neck with a chain. He’s probably wearing a wife-beater too. Ok, this probably isn’t the exact picture that comes to mind but you get the point. Exercises must usually be insanely intense or else performed under insane circumstances, such as biking in a torrential rainstorm, to be considered animal workouts.

This isn't the only type of animal workout


Animal workouts have another connotation as well. Most people agree that if they could participate regularly in true animal style workouts they would be in great physical condition. Well, good news!

There is now a form of exercises that are being marketed as the “Next Big Thing in Fitness.” This exercise could be beneficial to anyone who is willing to shell out and purchase the video set. Since the basics of this exercise regimen can be picked up quickly you could just keep your wallet in your pocket and watch the free videos that have leaked ont the internet.

Animal exercises, also called animal movement exercises, basically consist of using your arms and your trunk as well as your legs to get around. This isn’t to say that you should start crab-walking to work to get ripped. The best way to get your animal workout is to head over to a park and just experiment with the idea.

Just use your arms, your elbows and your knees along with your feet and see what kinds of movements you can come up with. It is also recommended that you take an exercise buddy along with you so that you aren’t the only person romping across the park like a man-gorilla.

This is what your animal workout should look like