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Don’t Give Up

Many people may not be seeing the results they want in the first week of their new workout plan, this is exercise failure number one! Giving up is the last thing you need to do. You are well on your way, every move, every workout, every calorie and pound lost are getting you one step closer to your goal.

Even if you think you are not getting the results you are looking for physically just yet, think about all the other benefits your reaping from exercising: Better sleep, more energy, healthier, reduces stress and depression, exercising releases chemicals that make you happier!

Getting into a habit of working out is going to make it easier to stick with it. Make it part of your daily routine. Whenever you have the chance to be active, do it! Don’t think that because you only have 20 minutes that you can’t put that to good use, longer workouts are not more beneficial than more frequent, shorter workouts.

Also exercising with friends helps you to stick with your workouts as well. They are holding your accountable to get out there, you’re less likely to give up knowing they are counting on you to be there. They might also be able to see results in your performance that you may not notice, which will give you the confidence boost to stick with it!

Don’t give up just because you are not the perfect size you want to be just after a week. Stick with it and you will soon see the results you are looking for, also reaping in so many other health benefits you never knew you were missing out on!

You did not put on the weight over night, or even within a week, you surely won’t see it come off that quickly! 



Don't Give Up


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Written By: Jentry