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Crazy diet advertisments

I just saw this advertisement that was for women who were really desperate to lose weight and would do anything to be lighter. Women should realize that there is more to happiness than a being physically healthy, although it really is a huge part of it, and also that there is so much more to being physically healthy that simply weighing a certain weight.

This advertisement wanted women to buy sanitized tapeworm that would sit inside their stomach and et the food that the women would eat in the first place so that they wouldn’t get fat from over eating. THere are other factors that go into weight gain and weight loss than over eating. Overeating was really the only aspect of weight gain that this product could possibly have anything to do with.

I guess if you actually did have tapeworms sitting inside of your stomach you probably would lose weight. That is kind of funny that this product actually would accomplish its intended purpose of helping a person lose weight. The product would also cause just about every single user to face serious health risks that could end up costing the their life since the tape worms would also be eating the nutrients, calories, vitamins and minerals that the foods would otherwise be providing the human system. I don’t think that there are really any people alive today that would actually consider ingesting tape worms since there is so much evidence that this would be far more harmful that it would be beneficial.