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Changing Up Your Treadmill Workout

boring treadmillTreadmills sometimes aren’t very popular because everyone thinks they are boring. If you do the same workout day after day, that couldn’t be more true. There are many, many different things you can do to change up your treadmill workout.

There are 3 main things you can change to change up your workout. Here they are:

  1. Change the program on your treadmillIf you are running at the same speed for the same amount of time every single day, of course you are going to get bored. Check out your console on your treadmill and see what other preset programs it has to offer. Or, if you are feeling creative, why not try and create your own custom workout? Give it a try and see if you are still bored.
  2. Change the time and place you exercise. If you usually exercise in the morning, why not try exercising at night instead? There are even studies out there that say exercising at night before you go to bed can actually help you to sleep better. Changing your environment and time can dramatically change your whole workout.
  3. Change your distraction or entertainment. You’d be surprised how much this can actually improve your whole workout experience. If you are running without anything to distract you but the sound of your feet hitting the treadmill, you’ll get bored very quickly. Why not set up a TV or lap top in front of your treadmill? You can also have a book set up on your console. Some treadmill consoles even have little tabs on the front to hold a book open for you so your hands are still free.

As you can see, it can be pretty easy to change up your workout. After all, how much money did you spend on your treadmill? Why would you want to waste all that money just because you are bored? Plus, there is the saying “Only boring people get bored”.