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Blade Skating Treadmill!

Treadmills aren’t made just for walking or running. There are treadmills for almost anything these days. Treadmills for dogs, treadmills fitted with a desk for the office, rock wall climbing treadmills, anti-gravity treadmills, and the list goes on! But did you know that Woodway has a treadmill out that helps aspiring and current hockey players to learn better skating techniques?


The Blade Skating Treadmill weighs in at 3,000 lbs, and is only available for commercial use. It allows for you to skate while using your hockey stick and you can work on your puck handling. You can work on improving your form, as it provides a very realistic hockey experience! A harness can be used for safety reasons, because (as hard as it is to imagine) taking a spill on this treadmill would probably be even more painful than falling in an ice skating rink!

Woodway treadmills are already known as the most expensive brand out there, and they don’t offer any treadmill coupons to help bring the price down. They are some of the most sturdy and solid treadmills on the market though. Their high end commercial treadmills coast up to $25,000 each. The price of the Blade treadmill isn’t available since it is really only sold to clubs, but you’ve gotta believe that it is WELL above the price of their high end “regular” treadmills.

While these skating treadmills are pretty rare, found only in the most elite gyms across the country, if you live close enough to a gym that offers the Blade treadmill, be prepared to fork out a lot of money to have a session. Most gyms will charge $200-$300 for a 10 session package, and that’s getting a good deal, because individual sessions can cost $50! But for many people, using this type of technology to train provides a huge advantage and makes the high price worth it!