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Biggest Mechanical Error in Your Body

Your body is a wholly fascinating work of mechanics, on a biological level of course, I am not trying to say you are a robot or anything.  However, apart from the fascinating and impressive complexities there is something Mother Nature totally overlooked, the lymphatic system.

The heart basically pumps the circulatory system, which subsequently propels the endocrine system and respiratory system.  But the lymphatic system has no pump!  This is a major oversight, Mother Nature, you screwed up.  All in all the lymphatic system isn’t as important as the circulatory or respiratory system, meaning you won’t die quite as quickly if it stopped working.

Curse this lymphatic system of mine!

Lymph nodes, you have probably heard of them, they’re responsible for holding large amounts of toxins and bacteria that don’t belong in your body.  The lymphatic system runs alongside the circulatory system. Its job is to pull the garbage toxins out of the blood so that you do not get some sort of toxic poisoning.  If you are to incapacity someone’s lymphatic system by brutally hitting them just below the arm pit, the toxic build up could eventually kill them.

So the lymphatic system is necessary for survival, but if it has no pump how does it work? It works just like any minimum wage employee; it does nothing unless you force it to. What I mean to say is locomotion is the only way to make it work.  You have to combine the effects of gravity and movement to get the lymphatic system working.

The point to all this, get outside and start exercising.  Sometimes after an especially rigorous routine people report feeling a tingling feeling, this is because their lymphatic system is hard at working cleansing their bodies.