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Becoming an Exerciser

There is something about exercising that makes those who have not yet developed a regular habit cringe.  I mean, who can imagine going out into the heat or even the cold to simply run a couple of miles, where by the end you feel like you are going keel over at any moment?  Well, that’s not what people who exercise are thinking.  Simply put, for those who are used to exercising on a regular basis, exercise is less of a chore and more of an outlet.

Now, how much would change if that became our view of all the important things that we have to do?  We either saw them as a necessary part of our life, as necessary as food or water, or we saw them as something that we can turn to in times of great stress.  Such is the mind of an exerciser.  And this how to start thinking like an exerciser:

1) Start creating opportunities for exercise

One of the biggest reasons for people not being able to exercise is a perceived lack of time.  However, when seriously considered there is all the time in the world when we really want to do something.  That is what we need to do, develop that need for exercise by understanding just how important that is, and just like we try to squeeze in a little free time to play the guitar or watch TV, use that time to go exercising.  It can make all the difference.

2) Find opportunities to move all day long

For many of us sitting at a desk all day is a huge part of our life, however, even so, we need to be finding any opportunity we can to do a little exercise.  For example, if you work in a multi-story building, simply opt to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator.  Park in the parking spots far away instead of the ones that are up close.  Use any opportunity at all.

3) See exercise as a means to an end

When we start to exercise as a tool for getting what we want, or simply a remedy for all the different problems that come into our lives, we will start to think like true exercisers.  For example, exercise is a great way to relieve stress, so what if every time we were stressed we would start exercising?  Life would be so much better.

In conclusion, much of becoming someone who loves exercising is a simply change of heart and a change of mind, but that little change of heart can make all the difference.