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Beating the Dead Horse for Exercise

Advances in medical science have shown humanity just how stupid it has been in the past. Exercise and fitness techniques that were once endorsed by every smoking doctor and his smokeless tobacco chewing dog are now all but illegal to offer to school children.


Example 1) Ballistic stretching. This is the stretching technique that you will see if you watch “Chariot’s of Fire” or any other sports related movie that was made before, or depicts the time period before 1990. Ballistic stretching involves actively bouncing from a comfortable position in to the stretch — basically doing everything that health coaches nowadays tell you not to do when you stretch.


ballistic stretching can cause muscle tears and is not extremely effective in stretching the muscles involved since only a fraction of the time doing the stretch is spent stretching the muscle beyond its current elastic capacity. So remember kids, say “NO” to ballistic stretching.


Some Health Experts also Attribute "Extra Leg Syndrome" to Improper Stretching


Another area of fitness where modern exercises are hoped to compensate for past failures is the whole “spot exercising” regimen which was supposed to target people’s abdomen and result in a slimmer waistline. These exercises were basically useless if you wanted a slimmer waist.

Even this Product is More Effective than Spot Exercising

The basic concept behind spot exercising was that working the muscles in a particular area of your body would somehow diminish the amount of fat that was stored there. This almost sounds like a good idea until you graduate from third grade PE class and realize that aerobic exercises take fat off of your body evenly, not in chunks, despite your most sincere efforts.