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After Run Stretches

Here at we know the importance of stretching after your treadmill runs. Many times people overlook stretching and either skip it all together, or do not spend enough time stretching out each muscle.

When you run, you are using your muscles and placing strain on these muscles, which then in turn tighten them up. It is important to loosen and lengthen these tight muscles after each run. According to this article from, stretching will decrease muscle strain, cramping, and/or other injuries while also helping to improve your flexibility and performance.

It is crucial to spend the time after each run to stretch your muscles, it is just as important as the workouts themselves. Many times people forget to schedule in the time for stretching, and after their workouts say there is no time.

Schedule stretching into your workout times and be sure to spend the time working and stretching out each muscle. Here are some great stretches to do after your run, and it only takes 9 minutes total, who doesn’t have 9 minutes?! 


Be sure to never stretch beyond your flexibility. Stretching should be a beneficial, relaxing thing after your runs and not be painful. Never stretch to the point of pain and discomfort!


Do you stretch after your runs, or do you never make the time?!

How important do you find stretching after your runs to be?

What is your favorite stretch to do after a good long run?



Written By: Jentry