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50 Superfoods to Lose Weight.

First of all super foods are not a really thing. This is a term that marketing companies have come up with to try to get us to buy more fruits vegetables and other foods that are good for us. You can’t just eat something and expect to lose a significant amount of weight. One must exercise and get a healthy night’s sleep each day combined with eating healthy for the desired results.

With that being said what you eat is just as important as the exercise and sleep that you get each day. One thing to remember is that your body needs to Eat, Sleep and Exercise. Not all foods are created equally. Some foods are better for you than others. Those foods have gotten the nickname super foods.

While scientists have yet to confirm super food as a scientific term society is ”eating the term up”. Super food or not the 100 foods listed below are healthy food options that will help you lose weight when you substitute them for one of those “Poor Foods”.


Everyone has heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is a true statement. In a recent study people who sliced up an apple and ate it before a meal ate less calories per meal. This will also speed up your digestive process and the antioxidants in apples help keep your body.


If you didn’t know all berries are great for you but the blue ones are really really good for you. This is because they have the highest antioxidant levels. Blue berries also have almost 4 grams of fiber per cup.


While most of us can’t eat a chili plain adding these vegetables to our pastas and other main dishes is a great way to help your body burn more calories naturally. Help your body burn more calories buy adding these to every meal you can.


Eggs are one of the simplest foods on the planet. Sometimes they get a bad rep but don’t buy into all of that, eggs are a great source of protein and healthy fats that the body needs. Want to make it even more healthy ditch the yoke and eat the egg whites only.


The green stuff on your plate at restaurants that you keep setting aside is a great source of fiber with little to no calories. One cup of Kale only has 34 calories in it so next time you are out make sure to grub the Kale.


While you can add almost anything to oats adding fruits and nuts can make this super food even more super. You can get 5 grams of fiber per cup of steel cut oats. With limited calories this is the perfect base to fruits and vegetables.

Goji Berries

If you are not fimilar with these tart chewy berries it’s time you learned about the goji. This little guy has 18 amino acids and is a great source of protein. Add these berries to trail mix and pies for a great healthy snack.

Fresh Salmon

If you want a great source of fat this food is for you. The fat from fish is great for your heart and low in calories. Omega 3 in salmon also helps your insulin sensitivity. Wild salmon has more muscles and helps you burn more calories.


You may have heard of this juice but these berries are full of foliate and antioxidants that help prevent diseases. These make great snacks to because they are sweet and low in calories. Take a bag of these to work and snack on them when you need a sweet fix.


While most people turn their nose up to these little fishes they are a great source of omega 3s that helps your bodies maintain your muscles.

Other Super Foods that you should add to your meals when you can include:



Almond Butter




Bee Pollen

Black Beans

Blue Green Algae

Buckwheat Pasta

Camu Camu





Green Beans

Hemp Seeds



Lima Beans




Olive Oil


Parmesan Cheese



Royal Jelly