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5 Tips for Setting Up Your Treadmill or Elliptical

I remember clearly the day our treadmill arrived. Being the frugal guy I am, I wanted to save some money so I didn’t opt for in-home delivery or assembly. Big mistake.

I was at work when I got the call at 2 p.m. from my wife “the treadmill is on a crate at the end of the driveway. It looks like it’s going to rain soon.” I zipped home racing against the rain cursing myself for not getting in-home delivery.

I arrive home and sure enough, it’s on a real crate. The treadmill box is HUGE. I go to move it and I can barely lift it. I hadn’t arranged for anyone to help.

To make a long story short, after nearly breaking my back and cutting up my hand with the zap strap holding the treadmill box together, I got that sucker inside my home.

Fortunately, assembly was fairly easy compared to getting it in my home. Within an hour my wife and I were taking turns on our new treadmill. But, and this is where the tips come in, my treadmill delivery story taught me 5 tips for setting up a treadmill.

5 tips for setting up your treadmill

1. Get in-home delivery if you can afford it

Assembly was easy compared to hauling the machine inside. In-home delivery will usually get your treadmill or elliptical into a room of your choice (depending on the brand and merchant).

2. Know where it’s going to be placed in your home before it arrives

We had no real plan where to put the treadmill. Even with wheels, they are not the easiest machines to move around your home.

Therefore, know exactly where it’s going to be placed. Be sure to know the dimensions of your room and the machine to ensure it will fit. Consider height as well – if a user is tall, you’ll need at least 8 foot ceilings.

3. Read the instructions before doing anything

I nearly broke my leg with our treadmill. The incline mechanism is hydraulic. I maneuvered the treadmill to its side and the hydraulic stand shot out like a bear trap. I did this even with a clear warning sheet not to do anything until I had read the instructions.

So, be careful when getting started with assembly.

4. Assemble your treadmill (or elliptical) on some protective floor covering

Fitness machines are insanely heavy. They are made of steel. They have sharp corners. All of this means that while being assembled, moved about and flipped around, they can chew up a carpet, hard wood or laminate flooring quickly. Fortunately, I knew this so we used the cardboard box and a sheet to protect our floor.

5. Assemble it as close as possible to where you’ll place it

I’ve already had to move our treadmill around our home twice. I was lucky in a sense because we don’t have stairs.

You do not want to move your fitness machine after it’s assembled, if possible. Therefore assemble it where you’ll be placing it … especially if it’s up or down stairs.

Yes, we learn from our mistakes. For our next treadmill, I’ll do things differently. However, you can benefit from my frustrating and difficult treadmill assembly story by following the above treadmill and elliptical assembly tips.


Steve Vanderhoek is a contributing author and researcher for Fitness Baron website which publishes information on how to get your workouts done efficiently. One way, no doubt, is to work out at home on your own treadmill or elliptical.